I've heard about people working as grooms in polo yards in return for tuition. does anyone have any ideas how i could take this further? as im completely hooked on polo but unable to play in the current climate (credit crunch!). I would love to work full time as a groom during the holidays in return for tuition - i've grown up with horses, am very responsible and competent both as a rider (hunting, eventing etc.) and looking after horses but have only played a little polo.
and ideas or suggestions would be fantastic!

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Hi Rachel,
A friend of mine has suggested polo lessons for me at her yard. Im waiting to hear back from her - I could ask her if its something she would consider. The yard is in hampshire. Let me know if that could be of interest.
That would be fantastic if you could ask her. (I live in hampshire...!)
If you would like to discuss a possible opportunity in Hampshire, please give me a call on 07900 272489.




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