I am also looking for a pre-owned saddle, boots, helmets and other supplies in the greater Houston area.



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Nowhere near Houston, Sorry. But they are great sticks.

if you need raw material for polo mallet, just contact us at
we're the specialist in raw material for polo stick .

I don't think I'd know how to make a mallet even if I had the raw materials :(

I'm trying to learn polo but the things at the store and online are out of my price range. I'm hoping to buy some old mallets for like 20 bucks-they don't have to be great. I found some boots off Harwin in houston so I have those now. All I need now is a helmet (I'm using my bike/skateboard helmet now lol) and a mallet or too.

Maybe ask around your local polo club?  I know at my club, we have a collection of mallets that are for students, and sometimes when I am on the giants I have to steal them for a night or two.  

Now I mean this in a kind way, but Polo is not called "The Sport of Kings" because it is cheap!  If you are not able to afford the $100 helmet, I do not understand how you expect to pay for the lessons, clinics, and chukkars?  Polo is a lot harder to be a "Working Student" than in the jumping world, and with only 4k registered players in the US, there are less spaces for it. Maybe this might not be the most ideal time to learn to play, maybe you just have to wait a few months till finances come back.  

I learned about Work to Ride in Philidelphia and figured of those kids can learn, why can't I? It's not like only adults with lots of money play- there are numerous teams of Interscholastic and Intercollegiates who share a string of horses, saddles, mallets, etc. The polocrosse team I play for we share saddles, racquets and horses etc- those are owned by the barn. I know some people who are able own there own barn, horses, saddles, helmets, people to feed the horses, etc, however, I just want to play in a set up similar to my polocrosse league. Is that weird?

Oh wow! Thanks so much! That would be sooo awesome.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and your reply. Work to Ride is so inspiring to me- I hope to meet them one day soon. Please facebook me for message me when you are in town and I would be more than happy to meet you.




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