Looking to go international and play. Any help will be welcomed

Hi all. 

I am looking at heading out to either SA or Argentina to play some high quality and goal polo to improve my skills. I have played upto 10 goal polo and now look to play  with some international players. 

Will be interested in being practice partner with some high goal players to  hone my skills and also enjoy.  

If you guys can recommend such an arrangement i would appreciate also a pointer in the right direction will help. 


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thanks for the offer. will be great to get some more details on this from you. 


Hi, if you really want to improve, then go to Argentina. It is going to be cheaper, safer and most importantly you'll learn with the best. I can certainly put you in touch with some pros there that can take your game up several notches.

All the best, 


hi Gustavo,

thanks for the offer to help, i would really love to get some information from you i.e name and contact numbers of the pro's there so that i can set this up... 

look forward to hear form you. 





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