I play polo crosse, and just started. I still need a saddle, and a wracket. If you know any one who has a old, still in good shape, wracket for sale, please contact me.I'm aming for a $50-$80 dollar price range. My e-mail is horsegirlcf@windstream.net

   Thanks, Christian

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Hi Christian,

I sell Casablanca polo saddles at a 10% discount for new customers and our profits support horse rescues.

Ok where are you located? How long would it take?

I also play polocrosse and am on a tight budget. I found a good store to get pretty good stuff.
Google "Gladiator Polo" and their store should be the first or second result. They also sell on eBay under the name of Gladiator Sports. 

Ok thanks what price do they sell at?


The square heads that look like the Bennetts are $119 (The real things are $165) The traditional round wooden ones are $99. Here's a link:




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