Hello everybody,

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Tuscany near Siena and 100km from Florence. Close to the small picturesque town of Rapolano Terme there is a beautiful Polo estate called "Lati Castelli". It is run by an Argentine couple that moved to Italy seven years ago and has ever since been busy restoring their beautiful estate which now boasts 10 carefully restored Suites, an AMAZING panoramic pool and now most importantly a full-sized very well-kept Polo field!

Gonzalo, the owner, also owns an estancia close to Buenos Aires where his family breeds and trains their Polo ponies. Moreover, he made sure to bring 12 of his great ponies to Italy which are now available for Polo-playing guests of Lati Castelli.

I can only tell you that I am sharing this with you because I am truly amazed of this place: Lati Castelli has a great feel (or as the Argentina would say: buena onda) to it! The rooms are very nice, the food is fantastic and the Polo is even better. It is a real Argentine experience right in Tuscany!
Lastly, the prices are very reasonable. Double rooms vary between 120 and 140 Euro per night and Stick and Ball costs 50 Euro per hour (You can be sure to choose your horse and even ride 2 horses during the Stick and Ball whilst only paying for one).

And for the people that rather go for ride around the country side, Lati Castelli also offers this: Gonzalo is an amazing host, he will gladly take you for rides around the rolling Tuscan hills and show you Tuscany like you have never experienced it before.

Enjoy! laticastelli.com



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Hi christian was reading your post on lati castelli.

My name is Gladys, i was wondering if you know of any polo tournaments in italy going on now???
Hi, sounds like a great place, will check it out. Thnx
Hi Christian,

This place sounds amazing, Siena is one of my favourite places in the world - I will definately check out their website. Have you played in Milan or Rome?

If you like rain, you should come visit us in Ireland!


Hello Tracey, I'm juan Bozzi, the manager of the Villa a Sesta Polo Club. We are near Siena and Florence.

for more info you can look www.villasestapoloclub.com.


Hi hope to see you sometime in Italy.

all the best


Hi Juan,

Not sure if you are still in Italy? Well I just tried to get in contact with you guys and check on your availabilities for next summer. Please let me know how to contact you as the contact form obviously doesnt work...



This looks like a wonderful place. Is Spring time a good time to come visit?

Hello everybody,
if you loved Laticastelli you should all come to the place that Gonzalo owns in Argentina "www.pololaeloisa.com", chek it out. You are going to enjoy the finest accomodations and our best polo.
Hope to see everybody very soon!!! (our season goes from august to december)

Joaquin Villegas (polo pro at La Eloisa)

Thanks Christian. Planning a Polo vacation to tuscany at the end of this summer. Will surely check this place out.




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