I want to buy some saddles and boots for our club, what about snowbee?could anybody good enough to recommend some websites for me?

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Hi Helen,

I know they are a site sponsor but I have been very impressed with the quality of the e-cuestre.com products. The Bautista Heguy range is very high quality. Go to www.e-cuestre.com if you want to have a look.


Hi Helenxu
I give you some web pages from polo equipment.
For boots (best boots in Argentina) www.fagliano.com
For mallets ( the traditional mallet from Argentina) www.casavillamil.com
Polo shops www.lamartina.com www.30yardas.com www.aspreypolo.com
I hope that this helps you.
For La Martina pay attention that you pay in USD, not in EUR, as the prices in EUR are a joke ...

What´s more; remember that you will have to pay customs (VAT) + taxes if you live in the EU ... and shipping charges are quite high too ...


Why not look on our website - www.satsfaction.com. We may be able to help you as we sent a lot of polo equipment abroad for clients.
Helenxu, You can import from Pakistan and that will be cost effective also. Most of the stuff is very cheap and im sure the quality is also very good, i myself is using two complete sets (locally made). You do your search first and check the prices. I will tell you the price for each item you req.

Dear Helen, try with www.logipolo.com. He can send the stuff by plane, they are good, professional and has good prices. Regards, Edgar
i am selling argantinian polo mallets with a good prices with shipments all the way to ur place ,
let me know if u r intrested
Hello and Hola, I am interested in purchasing 'gift' size, child size, foot mallet, ground mallet or mini mallet, whatever you wish to refer to them as. I need wholesale pricing and cheap shipping to the USA. Can you help me? I can start with a dozen purchase to begin.
Thank you, Sue
Hello I can recommen www.masaddlery.com they are very responsible people and tehy hav very good product quality.I can cantac you on better form with them and send you a pictures of the new products. carlos_argentina_canada@hotmail.com .
I bougth manytimes and I never had a problem and I so satisfied with the quality and the looks of the procucts
for polo saddle sand polo mallets u can visit website

best regards
www.lagomarsino.tk is my blog, I have a shop in Pilar, we have very good quality and prices. We can make any saddle, all the styles, everything.
Let me know about it.
Dear Helen Xu

I have a good experience of these goods at reasonable prices with high quality POLO equipments. What I suggests you to visit http://shahira-ind.com for variety products of your interest ?

You can also contact at shahira@skt.comsats.net.pk for required information. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Nasim Nizami




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