Hi, We just are now able to use the new polo field we planted two years ago. We are new to this sport but do have a ranch hand that was raised by a polo family. We are looking for any input on starting our club from those that have been through this before. We are also looking for managers or someone to lease the facilites. We are located in Bend, Oregon and are the only Polo Club in the the Central Oregon region.

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Dear Brad, congratulations for the new Club! We are doing the same in a friend´s country, may be we could exchange some pictures. To play polo you need where to keep the horses (boxes or paddocks), rooms for grooms or players, stick and ball area, galloping run-track area, of course players, saddle rooms, a lot of things!
Good luck and keep in touch!
Hi Edgar, Thanks for your contact. We have a full indoor arena, tack room, washing faclities, 12 stall barn with heated water, wash racks, sprinkled arena, out runs on the stalls 12'x12' with pipe fencing 12'x16'. 8 large paddocks and an outdoor arena. Our field is full regulation size. We have a stick and ball area. I am just starting to get the name out and put together barn rates, club rates and field rates, which I have no ideas as we are the only polo club in this area. We have a community of ex pro players and want-a-bees. I just want to start out right with the set up and not step backwards.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Hi Brad
Congratulations, to start a new club if I was you will join the USPA and ask for some help. What clubs and players are around, so that you could organize some inagural tournament and start to have some action, do you have already some members, local players ? I have a friend from Washington that can probably help you, Gerge Dill, I think he is the USPA Gobernor for the North west circuit. Also get the rigth people to run the club if you are thinking about a manager or instructor make sure that they have the expirience and the knoledge.
Good luck
Santiago Torreguitar
Polo manager
If you are the only polo club in the area then I would add a polo school. This way you can train your members from the start on how to do polo properly. Since it sounds like you have a wounderful year round facility you would need to find the right polo instructor to come in and put it in motion. I think contacting the USPA is a good move. If you ever need some advice please feel free to contact me. My family owned and ran one of the largest clubs(60 members playing 0-18 goal leagues) and polo schools (65 weekly students) in the US for 25 years.
Good luck
Thanks Charlie, I am on the USPA today! I am sure I wll be contacting you soon.


Hi Brad
If Charlie is offering to help,you should take it, I played at his club many years ago when I worked for the Fannon family in Virginia and it was always a very nice expirience.
Hi Brad; I agree with Santiago, Charlie is one of the few true professionals around today. If you want to succeed, go for the best.
We too are starting a facility here in Quebec, but putting carriage before horse. Polo school first, recruiting riders from existing pool, sorting out available horses, basic instruction, and using two outdoor field plus 2 arenas to start. Let's stay in touch, learn from each other, what about horses? Any luck with tame retired one's or not up to par for tournament play?

Good luck, Ian
Hi Luis, Thanks for your help and the recommendation for Charlie. It sounds like I really need to make sure I take advantage of Charlies generous offer to lend me some information and help. Sounds like after reading your bio you have a great passion for the sport as do I.

Thanks for your help,

Brad Fraley
Hi Ian, Sound like you have a great start and would really like to stay in contact. My next move will be to join USPA and find a manager and start a school. My Ranch hand that has been with us for the last 4 years father won the US open, Rube Evans. Ruben his son is a great asset for us but has no experience managing, promoting or starting a club. He was raised playing polo in college and with his family managing, traning at other polo clubs. I am sure a few from this web site know of him. The area we live is very much a large horse community with high personal incomes. I am looking forward to hearing from Charlie and get his opinion and where we should look for a manager, trainers for a polo school.

Thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you,

Brad Fraley
It is very interesting reading this post. We have a good friend, who is also our coach that is fulfilling a lifelong dream to create a Polo teaching school and small club. We are situated in France and are helping him too. He has travelled around the world gaining knowledge and experience and learning from many wonderful people. He has now returned home and has been working for the past few years on his passion.
The passion is for the wonderful horses and the training of them and the aim is to combine the best for these horses and allow others who share this passion to learn and enjoy this life changing sport. Guillaume is an amazing teacher with absolute respect for the horses but also a master at positive empowerment for people.
At the moment we have the pitch, which is just finished, the stick and ball practice area, the sand school and all the railed paddocks with shelters. The stables and facilities are underway too.

We would love to speak with others who are doing the same and take on board any advice and information. Obviously being in France we are governed by certain regulations but the sport of princes is global. Anyone who feels they could offer comments or advice then we would readily listen and welcome as much contact and communication as possible. thank you very much.
Hi Brad,
Congratulations on your new facility! That will be a great location for a club.

Here's the lay of the land in the Northwest.

George Dill - USPA governor and all-around great guy...definitely put him at the top of your contact list

Private Clubs:
Sean Keyes - private club in West Linn, OR (http://www.hiddencreekpolo.com/)
Craig Steinke - private club in Bellingham WA

USPA clubs (teams travel for sujmmer tournaments)
LaGrande Polo Club
Tri Cities Polo Club
Spokane Polo Club
White Swan Polo Club (spring polo only)
Tacoma Polo Club

Best of luck!
hello santiago nice to see you here please inclued the polo balls to the new club startting




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