Hi everybody,


I'm starting to play polo pretty soon. (when the season starts again)


I was wandering what i would need to start playing.


Do i need to buy full equipment immediately, buy a horse?

What's the price of a starters polo pony?


I've been riding for 15years now, did some showjumping and Played some horse-ball.


What do you recommend me to do?


Kind Regards



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Hello Cedric,
Just go to a polo school that will provide you everything
Once you know that is your sport, yes, youll need to buy all the gear and horses
Good luck
Hi Cedric,
You would need lessons, practice as much as you can. Plus, to really improve you would need a horse at beginners level. A classic mistake is for beginners, even those who have riding experience, to buy a too advanced horse for their level. To improved you need an experienced horse that can read your mind.
Good Luck! This is a passionate adventure you are starting...
Kind Regards,
don´t loose your time.
it´s easy:
forget everything you had learned at showjumping, save all money as you can and... come to argentina from september to december.
good luck
Hi mauricio,

Thx for your advice, however it's pretty complicated to leave for 3 month regarding my job and family.
But still i'm very enthousiastic about a polo holiday in Argentina end of this year.
In the meanwhile i'm going to learn how to play polo here in Belgium @ Antwerp Polo Club.

I'm still waiting for the appointment and for good weather.

Thx for your kindness and support.
hi cedric,
try to come, at least, 1 month.
everybody have hollidays every year. somebody go to the beach, somebody go to ski, somebedy visit old cities and museums, somebody travel through millenarie cultures...be unique...broke the rules...imvest your time to come to play polo.
(other advice: polo fights with work and family. so I told you: save the money. and prapare to have a "polo widow" as we mean our wives.).
I think that you can begin pretty good in Belgium. I have a good frind who is going to play there and in the Netherlands soon.
happy easter !!!
If you make it to Florida, "Sunlight Ranch Polo Club" has polo ponies you can lease and learn to play,, take lesson's and play chukkers! hope you are doing great!!
I'm doing great actually,

Thx for the info, now i'll probabely visit u guys in Florida next year,
My parents in law just came back from Palm Beach Intl Jumping and told me how great you guys are doin over there.
They told me they saw a lot of polo as wel.. maybe they even saw your team play.. ;)

When i'll come to florida i'll deffenately go to the Sunlight Ranch.
Anyhow i'll keep you informed.

Happy Easter!!
Find a good teacher, play with good players beside you, get your own horses, spend money, enjoy the sport and take care of yourself.
See you around!
The main thing is to do it right! Tell who ever you are starting with to sit down with you and make a plan for the next 3-4 months. Take the first year and learn the basics of the game. Go to Arg/FL this fall and play for 2-4 weeks as this will jump your game up a few levels. When you buy horses... buy from good people and don't go cheap. Later on When hiring a pro know what you want from them, ask around for the best fit, do reference check, so on.
Polo can be the most fun thing in the world if you do it right.
Good luck
It depends on your budget and if you want to be organize and have fun, if you do, I recommend that you find a good pro and try to get a couple of horses that you can feel good and have fun on them and you r the one that can tell that, not your pro, your pro can advise you but not tell you what is your felling on the horse, and also get it vet check
by good mallets, Zappala and got tag
I hope you have fun and become a good player and patron
This is exactly the sort of reply that is digusting in Polo...

A beginner should be 1 good and sound horse, and take lessons for a few years before engaging in anything really. We have too many over handicapped players on the field who have been brainwashed by good pros like you Santiago, with a big smile, big demands and lots of horses for sale...

Why on earth would you advise a beginner to buy (and not 'by' by the way) a few horses and take a pro in his first polo season? To spend all his cash and get nothing out of there surely...

Love the end advice too, I hope you become a good patron...I would say a good amateur player that hopefully will reach a honorable handicap that will allow him to have enough fun without having to hire any pros...
David je suis complètement d’accord avec toi, il faut commencer lentement, mais je trouve ridicule que c’est nécessaire d’acheter des chevaux. C’est mieux prendre quelques classes pendant une ou deux saisons, et après il faut voir.
One of the guys who has this clear is Charlie Muldoon in Washington DC, or some others teaching in Myopia near Boston. In Argentina we have some polo clinics who first try to be sure that you are able to ride very well a horse, and only then they start with polo lessons. Nobody will ask you to buy mares or equipment, unless you are ready to play a lot as part of your life. Others they just think in the business aspect of polo (which I am not against at all), and they pretend to make money, lots of it the sooner the better, without taking into account, if a newcomer to polo has enough skills or not. Again I believe that your comment is wise and accurate. Un abrazo Luis, and hope to see around for our Open




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