Does anyone have an opinion on which of the established Racing Thoroughbred sires produces suitable polo progeny?

I know the mare needs to be taken into account, and that not all ex racers are re-trained for polo. But there must be a stallion that people have a pony by that has made a nice little pony?

Maybe a Montjeu or Where or When? One of the current stallions must produce a nicer type than the other?

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hi Sam:
I use TB stallions in my breed, I have two different styles. I`m following two lines: Ellerstina and La Aguada.
For the mares who are small and strong, like QH or criollas, I use my tall and thin stallion. He came from the CANDY STRIPES line, the same bloodline is used for the Novillo Astrada´s family.
For my other mares, thin and tall mares, like TB, I use the same bloodline as Gonzalo Pieres, this bloodline has Mr. Prospector, this stallion is Short, compact and very strong, but very calm. He`s giving me really good TB babes.
I have them on my photos. Is the chestnut and the black, you can see the differences between them.
Bye, I hope to be clear.
Luis Lagomarsino
I have a TB gelding who's dam is from Candy Stripes out of Diferente. (The sires from Northern Dancer's line.) And he's shaping up to be astonishing.
I guess I got really lucky, as I got him off the track - based purely on conformation and the fact that the trainer said he was their fastest horse over 300 yards.
Just show's you that the line must be great, as I'm by no means a good player or trainer.
Thanks Luis - I might be wrong but it seems that with racing animals it is all recorded and readily available in the form of the stud books that various Jockey Clubs keep. But with polo breeding there is no real record and only the memory of the breeder?

Will check out your pics....
Hi Sam,
You wont go wrong if you uses Northern Dancer bloodline, of course that the stallion must have a polo type.
Mares are as important as the stallion.
Good luck
mares are most important than stallion. look for mares which had played polo (at any level).
Stallions: Northern Dancer lines, Candy Stripes, Mr. Prospector, Exactly native, Southern Halo, Lode, Rainbow Corner.
good luck
I agree about the mares being just as if not more important. In racing they are generally forgotten about and everyone gushes over the next new stallion. Would anyone ever consider a nice looking racing stallion for their polo mare? I guess the covering fee's and methods really don't warrant the hassle? As AI has changed all that for the polo breeders whereas racing still does not and will never adopt AI.
observe the mares carefully. are they TB thin, tall and fast? are only polo ponies? are corks, slow and fat?? there is a stallion for each group. what are you looking for ? a commercial ponie, easy to sell, easy to hire? an argentine open mare ? something for your fun?
ask me at i think i can help you

14 polo mares are full with this stallion this year
we have also KUSTURICA son of ELNADIM ( DANZIG line) and a JOHANN QUATZ (SADDLERS WELLS line)
Hi Philippe,
Nice. Is he really that short in the back or is the picture distorted? Everything else looks in proportion so guess he is, perfect I guess! How many hands is he standing at?

I've just bought a three year old from the Darshan line (Mark of esteem) and he's taken to it very very quickley, nice behind, good shoulder etc
Hello Sam
the horse have 2 or 3 years on this photo! he change a little now.
Hi Philipe,
I am a fan of Northern Dancer genetico for polo, you already know that, but breeding ponies is not an exact science.
If you choose a stallion with a good and proven genetic for polo and nice frame, you wont go wrong in a first step.
Non sono solo looks good polotype speaking.
Take a look at the AACCP book and you will have an exact idea on what thoroughbred lines Argentine breeders are using




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