People In Polo

Our story

Our story dates back to 2007, when Hugh Evans, a polo player from Australia, launched the first version of Polo Contacts Worldwide.

From the start we were all about helping to connect people who share the passion for polo. We've created a playground for thousands of our members not only to network but also to build lasting friendships with fellow members from across the globe. We made it easy to share the polo knowledge and information on local and international tournaments, seasons, and travel experiences.

However, the activity on the website has declined over the past years, as the platform became outdated. At this point, due to lack of time,Hugh decided to hand over the platform to Marcin Kondrat, a polo player from Poland, with background in marketing and IT.

Since then our website has been completely rebuilt. But the new version of Polo Contacts is 'not just a pretty face'. Through new technology, effective features and network, we want to upgrade your ONLINE experience so that you can enjoy yourself more OFFLINE. Because this is where the Polo magic happens, isn't it. Whether you're a player, a fan, an employer or employee - you will find something useful in our network.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Users 6,000+
  • Listings 700+

Our goals

We are here to:
  1. Make it easier for people who share the passion for polo to connect online and offline.
  2. Increase transparency in the polo world, by providing high quality information on polo clubs, polo holiday offers, polo ponies for sale and more.
  3. Help our members network and find reliable recommendations and answers to even the trickiest Polo questions.
  4. Create and gather quality polo content in one place. (Speaking of which - if you're an inspiring writer and want to get more exposure, get in touch!)
Join us

We are planning to accomplish our goal by
helping you to

Connect with more ease and privacy
We've completely redesigned our social network for a better experience and privacy - so that you can connect more easily, while keeping your profile visible only to our members.
Discover quality content
Our blog will be focused on topics closer to our members, rather than the same old high-goal polo news, available everywhere else. Such as polo travel, tips, horse care and training or interesting events.
Find Answers
Our forum was an important part of the previous platform. This won't change. However, we have some surprises in stock for you to make the forum even more useful than before.
Find up to date information
Listings that help our users find polo clubs, holidays, ponies for sale or even jobs will increase the amount of information that we can access. This in turn will lead to greater transparency in the polo world.

Core team

Marcin is a bit of a do it all guy. He makes sure our website looks great, takes care of the copy, plans marketing campaigns and keeps a team of developers and designers busy. When he's off work, you can probably find him in Warsaw Polo Club on his favourite pony - Camila.
Hugh is always there to help with good advice. He's engaged in negotiations with external partners. A true people's person, with many years of experience in community management and widespread contacts in the polo world. On a daily basis, he manages a multinational consulting firm.

Community Values


We're open to people who are part of our polo community and when possible we help each other out.


We welcome all perspectives and backgrounds here, as long as you share a passion for polo and respect other members of the community.


We represent ourselves accurately and share honest opinions to the best of our knowledge.

Looking ahead

We've just released the first version of the new Polo Contacts portal. As you're reading this we're working on many new exciting features, inviting more and more people and organizations to join us. We're also looking for ways in which we can provide more value for our members and the wider polo community.