6 Ways The New Polo Contacts Platform Will Make Your Polo Life Easier

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As many of you have already heard… we’re about to launch our brand new Polo Contacts website!

We’d like to use this occasion to thank all of you who have taken our survey. We’ve learned a lot from you by asking questions such as “What would you like to see on the new Polo Contacts website” or “On what topics you’d like to see more articles and videos” and many more.

Your opinion helped us build something that will serve our community best and remove guesswork from equation!

We’ve completely redesigned the site, packed it with new features, bumped up privacy and security, added a Polo Contacts blog and got a new team in place to give our site a new life.

Now we’re ready to start moving around 2,000 profiles of our members to the new platform each week. We have added information about over 700 polo clubs around the world, exchanged hundreds of emails with our members and contacted potential partners.

These are just some of the steps we’ve taken so far.

But we’re only getting started!

There’s much more to be done this year and we’ve received a lot of questions from you along the lines of: “So, what’s the plan?”

Well, let’s dive right into that!

What are we trying to do?

Before starting to work with Hugh, about a year ago, one of the key questions we needed to answer was:

Is there still a need for a Polo Contacts with Facebook and other social media sites already out there?

After many discussions — We believe there is.

BUT, we’d like to do more than simply help our members connect online, as we did before.

Now with our new website we’d like to solve a few problems that many of you face. Based on what we’ve learned from you and our personal experiences, we want to help you:

  1. Organize polo holidays worldwide
  2. Find and connect with people who share your passion —  online and offline
  3. Share articles, tutorials and videos about polo
  4. Search for anything polo-related through our internal search engine
  5. Find an employee or a job in polo  
  6. Keep track of polo events around the world — to watch or participate in

Sounds interesting? We hope it does.

How (and why) we want to do this?

1) Organizing polo holidays worldwide

We believe that finding polo holiday offers or events shouldn’t be much harder than finding a hotel… But if you’ve ever tried to organize holidays directly with polo clubs, especially in a country like Argentina (with a few exceptions, of course), you probably know that’s not always the case.

Often it’s difficult to find even the basic contact information as websites tend to be outdated.  Getting in touch with a polo venue sometimes seems more challenging than contacting the President of the United States (or at least it was until recently … but now with Twitter … who knows 🙂 )

That’s why we’re now inviting polo clubs from around the world to join us. 

At no cost, each club will be able to promote its facilities, photos or videos, prices and tournament dates — leading to more transparency.

Polo Clubs will also have a premium option to create and promote their holiday offers!

This will make it much easier for you to navigate around and compare great polo clubs, holiday destinations or events in your home country and abroad.

2) Find and connect with people who share your passion

Interacting with other members (using our forums, comment section or Facebook groups) will be more intuitive, private and secure than before.

Your profile will be visible to our logged-in members only. Our site is hosted on secure servers, features SSL, DDoS protection and various solutions to keep the site up and running smoothly and securely.

We’ve also made sure you can quickly search for our members according to their nationality, connection to polo, handicap or tournament activity.

This will help you find players based in the same country as you, or ask locals for some tips when traveling! That’s something many of you have mentioned as important in our survey.

3) Sharing articles, tutorials and videos about polo

There’s so much knowledge available online related to polo — from horse training to polo technique, rules and strategy. At the same time, not many of them are of high quality.

We’ve decided to change that.

That’s why we’ll be shooting our own videos during the upcoming season in Argentina.

After seeing the results of the survey, and going through all your suggestions on topics… we have a sneaky feeling that you’re going to enjoy them!

We will also focus heavily on polo travel. To get you as many local tips, holiday offers and contacts as possible so that you can make the most of your stay from day one.

4) Search for anything polo-related through our search engine

Polo Search is one of the major new features on our site.

Generally, the idea behind it is to be a one-stop-shop for things that are important to people in polo.

As we launch the new platform, you’ll be able to search for all of the following:

  • Polo Club’s – Profile of polo clubs with description, facilities info and photos
  • Polo Holidays – Polo getaways around the world
  • Polo Ponies – For rent or sale
  • Polo CVs – CVs of Pro’s, Grooms, Umpires among others
  • Polo Job Offers – From polo clubs and patrons
  • Properties – In polo “hotspots”

With time we’ll add more categories, based on your advice.

WHY is it important?

For example, let’s imagine for a second that you’re looking for your next best polo pony

Besides using personal contacts, you might look around different Facebook groups, where from time to time ponies can be found for sale. You might also contact recommended breeders or get in touch with different polo clubs.

Sounds hard? Time consuming?

Because it is…

Our approach was to make it very easy for people who want to buy/sell/rent their pony to find each other.
You will be able to get much more information about ponies and seller upfront… and easily arrange s&b or chukkers to see if you’re a good match. (With a pony, not with a seller. Although… who knows 😉 )

If you’d like to give promoting a pony on Polo Contacts a try, you can do this free of charge until June by answering questions in this form. We’ll take care of the rest.

5) Finding an employee or a job in polo

Finding a job in polo is not easy. Jobs tend to be highly seasonal, or signed only for a short contract, such as a tournament. This is why many professional players, grooms or umpires, need to constantly look for new opportunities in different countries.

We’d like to make it easier for them to find a job anywhere in the world — and for polo clubs and patrons to find their perfect candidate.

Currently, the majority of jobs are secured through personal connections or ads on Facebook groups.


  • Hiring based on personal recommendations, while safe, limits the candidate pool.
  • Posting an ad through Facebook group — and finding the right candidate there — can take a lot of time and effort (many friend requests, private messages etc.). Both for polo club’s/patrons and people looking for a job.

That’s why we’ve decided to include a job section created specifically for polo. Where polo club owners and patrons can post the available job together with its requirements.

What’s in it for you if you’re looking for a job?

If you’re looking for a job you will only need a few minutes to create your CV by answering questions in our form.

It’s free. You only need to create it once and can update it at any time via your Polo Contacts account.

Then you can apply for jobs posted on our site with one click… just press “Apply” if the job sounds interesting to you. You can also share it on Facebook under a job ad or print it out and send via email.

We’ve discussed all the questions included in our form with patrons and polo clubs so you don’t have to worry about what to include in your Polo Contacts CV, or about editing a perfect CV in a word file.  Creating a CV with us is a breeze, You’re welcome.

What’s in it for polo clubs?

Polo clubs or patrons looking for a candidate can create a detailed job ad. Once the ad is published, candidates will be able to apply for it with their CV. Each application will be delivered to your inbox and featured in your “applicants inbox” on Polo Contacts.

Spending a few minutes on preparing a detailed job ad will save you hours on answering many questions later. And receiving a full CV from candidates will give you a much better idea if someone is the right candidate for you than a short Facebook message or a comment.

Our job ads are very easy to share on social media — and we’ve made sure they look good embedded!

Everything’s designed to save you time and frustration when hiring — and to give you access to a pool of quality candidates.

6) Keeping track of international polo events to watch or participate in

Credit: Engel & Völkers / TOM SOLO INT.

There’s a lot of polo events around the world and many of you have mentioned that it would be great to have a comprehensive calendar of events that take place around the world.

It’s a great insight, because staying up to date with tournaments/events happening in your home country is often hard enough. Finding out about tournaments scheduled in neighbouring countries and arranging to play is even more difficult.

Please note that we don’t have this feature yet, but it’s on top of our priority list.

It’s not going to be a simple calendar of tournaments/events.. — you’ll be also able to calculate the participation costs or sign up to play.

To ensure that you have the latest info, we’ll automatically link it with the updates from clubs on our platform.

Our priorities for the next 3 months

We’re all about bringing together people who share the passion for polo, and helping you find useful information in one place.

That’s why in the next 3 months we will focus on three goals:

  • Increasing the number of our members, both by migrating profiles of existing members of our community and attracting new ones.
  • Gathering information about polo clubs, holidays, polo ponies for sale/rent, equipment, properties for rent in polo hot spots — and much more.
  • Creating unique video and written content focused on polo travel and polo tutorials.

We hope you will enjoy our new website as much as we’ve enjoyed building it!

If you have any more ideas for things you’d love to see on the new website reach out to us to [email protected] or via our live chat!

Polo Contacts Team


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