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We can all agree that Argentina is one of the top destinations in the world for us polo lovers.

It’s also a powerhouse when it comes to producing top players and breeding excellent ponies. And every time we visit Argentina we’re reminded what the secret weapon behind their success may be.

What to know before you hit the road…

Argentines live life at full throttle, whether they’re on a polo pitch or off of it. Also  — while it’s a desirable trait for polo — believe us, it’s everything but desirable on the road…

Especially when you’re waiting in the queue to pay for the toll and everyone around is honking… then you take a second to figure out — wait am I doing something wrong? Seems like no… right?

One minute later all the tolls open and let every car pass for free… WIN! Or is it?

Next you realize there are 4 lanes, and at least 3 times as many tolls letting the cars pass through simultaneously! After finally claiming your piece of the road (not an easy thing to do the first time around…) you can continue your journey!

Luckily, our efforts were rewarded when we arrived at the lovely Puesto Viejo Estancia & Polo Clubs in Cañuelas.

The good news is: the drive is only an hour from Buenos Aires, and — if survival on the wild Argentinian highways is not quite your thing — you can request a pick-up service from the airport or your hotel

A polo haven in the heart of Argentinian countryside

Credit: Puesto Viejo

Surrounded by people who eat, sleep, and breath polo, we were right where we needed to be.

The estancia is indeed a tranquil fulfillment to the beautiful pampas (fertile South American plains). So we were able to take a breather from the city life of Buenos Aires and relax, while doing what we love to do: meeting people who share our passion for polo and discovering new beautiful polo getaways…

If you haven’t heard of Puesto Viejo Polo Club before, check out their video … or catch a glimpse of the rustic but homely Estancia on a 2016 episode of The Bachelorette (At your own risk)

Puesto Viejo is a vision turned reality for Jeremy and Liliana Baker. Together they are owners and the creative force behind the Estancia & Polo Club.

Before deciding to start a new and exciting chapter of their life – and moving to Argentina (Lilliana’s homeland). Jeremy worked as a trader in London for 15 years (Here’s a great article describing his story –  “from Goldman to Gaucho”). While Lilliana pursued her graduate degree and obtained qualifications as dental professional.

Two things are clear: they love polo and they love palm trees!

And honestly, who doesn’t?!

There is a laid back atmosphere with polo all around here.

The facilities


The facilities include 6 full sized boarded fields with tiften, stables with 220 boxes, and 3 exercise pitches. You can have a look at much more detailed list of their facilities here

Immediately upon arrival we were greeted with genuine enthusiasm and hospitality, which are not free commodities these days.

After all, we were just two young guys in flip flops who were only getting started with relaunch of Polo Contacts.

As we went about our business photographing nearly everything (it’s a photogenic place!), we were also connecting with pros (thanks Julio!), other visitors, and staff.

The more time we spent at Puesto Viejo, the less we wanted to leave. And at this point we haven’t even gotten around to polo!

Fortunately, and by no coincidence at all… we had a chance to watch one of Puesto Viejo’s 12 annual tournaments that day. And we’ve photographed the hell out of it.

Polo at all levels

What we really liked about Puesto Viejo is that it’s a great place to start your journey with polo and even a better place to continue it.

For those of you who want to take your inaugural swing with a mallet, or even straddle a pony for the first time, there are Polo Days.

The wonderful people at Puesto Viejo Polo Club pick you up from Buenos Aires to give you an immersive polo day, which includes two lessons with a professional and an opportunity to watch club members play a full match.

It’s worth reminding that NO previous riding experience is required to try Polo Day. And don’t worry, it’s not all training… a 3-course Argentine BBQ and siesta by the beautiful infinity pool are waiting to reward your intense efforts on the field. You are also treated with coffee, tea, and snacks upon arrival and before departure.

Here is a video of the Polo Day experience that’s worth checking out!

If you already have some polo experience and are planning a trip to Argentina to improve your skills you might consider the “Full Board & Polo” package.

You’ll start your first day with skill assessment, then a professional coach will create a personalized training plan for your stay… relentless week of training anyone?

Lastly, if you have your horses in Argentina, you’ll find that organizing your season here will be a breeze. It’s one of the few places we’ve found with such transparent pricing and very quick response to requests. Puesto Viejo is now also running a country club and has land available for development. Whether you want to watch, play, or learn polo, Puesto Viejo has got it.

Besides Polo

Last but not least… if your family or partner are not as passionate about chasing a ball on a horse as you are, they will not roll their eyes at you this time.

Because the facilities and sheer beauty of the location offer activities for the whole family. From bike riding to bird watching, from a lazy day at the pool to a delicious Argentinian dinner (Asado) complemented by a brilliant Malbec.

In conclusion, Puesto Viejo Estancia & Polo Club was worth a couple scary moments on the freeway, and the Polo Contacts team looks forward to visiting there again.

Now let us hear from YOU. Do you have any stories or tips from Puesto Viejo you’d want to share? Post them in the comments below — this is where our community comes alive after all!

This is an honest review, NOT a sponsored article. If we ever write a sponsored review of a venue, we promise to make it clear. Transparency is one of our core values.


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