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Polo Club

New and effective way to show information that matters the most to polo enthusiasts worldwide. All within a modern and transparent listing.
Polo Club listing includes information, photos and videos about:
  • Polo Facilities & Coaches
  • Upcoming tournaments
  • Polo Packages/Holiday offers
  • Photos and Videos from the club and much more. 

Polo Pony Seller

If you plan to sell a pony, you're in the right place. Now individuals, breeders and horse dealers have a professional way to show your horse to a global audience.
Each horse you plan to sell will have its own page on PCW, which includes:
  • Photos and Videos
  • Description of the horse
  • Information about the seller/breeder Pedigree

Polo CV

Looking for a job in polo? That may sometimes be difficult, but we'd like to help change that. Make your Polo CV, share it and apply for jobs with one click.
In your Polo Contacts CV you can feature:
  • Information about yourself
  • Your work experience
  • Photos and Videos
  • Details about the position you're interested in, your availability, and preferred location

Job Offer

Looking for an employee? Now you can post your job offer here, relax and wait for applications from potential candidates.
Your job offer is comprised of:
  • Job description
  • Required skills and experience
  • Location preferences
  • Details and benefits
  • Information on how to apply
  • Contact information

What's a Polo Contacts Listing?

PCW listing is esentially a "website within our website", showing information on things that matter to our community.

Our goal is to make it easier to find polo ponies, great polo holiday offers or even a job online, with couple of clicks, possible and easy. 

Here's how this works:

Select listing type

You select the type of the listing which you'd like to add. Let's say that you would like to sell a polo pony.


Each listing has a set of questions to ensure the quality. Answer as many as you'd like and add photos to best present your polo pony.

Admin review

We review each listing manually. If everything's ok, your listing will be published and all of our visitors will be able to find it after searching for polo ponies.

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